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Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Chase Irle: If you have been keeping track, I have the Falcons at 6-1 to this point. It may seem like a forgone...Continue reading »

Hot take alert: the Atlanta Falcons secondary has a chance to finish as the best secondary in the NFL. Many might double-take while reading that, but...Continue reading »

Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Chase Irle: The Falcons will stay in the northeast following their Super Bowl rematch for their fourth and final game...Continue reading »

Atlanta Falcons On a night where many teams opt to not even send out their starters, the Falcons marched out most of their record breaking starting offense...Continue reading »

Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots Chase Irle: Ah, the moment we are all waiting for as Falcons fans. The rematch of last year’s Super Bowl...Continue reading »

Atlanta Falcons Football is back, baby! This is the moment all of us Atlanta fans have been waiting for ever since last season ended so sourly. Even if...Continue reading »

The NFL season is here!!! It is just preseason, but it’s a start. The Falcons start it off against the Dolphins in South Beach, Miami at 7 p.m....Continue reading »

The contract discussions between the Falcons and Devonta Freeman have been publicly discussed even prior to last year’s Super Bowl, when Devonta...Continue reading »

Atlanta Falcons Vs. Miami Dolphins Chase Irle: This game might have just gotten a lot easier to pick, as the Dolphins fear at this moment that they could...Continue reading »

Atlanta Falcons It usually is not a great sign when giant news breaks during training camp. That was the case on Sunday, when the Falcons announced their...Continue reading »