Friday Rant: F*** Jose Bautista

Posted on May 19 2017 - 11:52am by Harrison Coburn

Though he was a late bloomer and did not become a star until his age 29 season, Jose Bautista has already outwelcomed his stay in the Major Leagues. It is fair to say that “Joey Bats” may be the most hated player in baseball. But his bat flipping antics hit an all-time low on Wednesday evening when he flipped the bat on a home run when his team was down five runs. This saw the benches clear for the second time.

This is clearly not the first time Bautista has had issues with opposing teams. If the bat flip rings a bell, here’s a nugget from the 2015 ALDS:

The Rangers would have to wait a handful of months, but they evidently got their revenge…

Never forget.

My advice to you Mr. Bautista? You used to be a great player, but now you are 36-years old and washed up. You have struggled to hit the Mendoza line since 2015, and your play does not back up your childish antics. Check yourself, Jose, before you wreck yourself.

Orioles GM Dan Duquette literally came out and said that the team would not attempt to sign Jose, despite being desperate for an outfielder, because “fans don’t like him”. Bautista would have to settle for a one-year deal, and did not sign until January.

Jose, enjoy the attention while you can. Your days are numbered, my friend.