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  The week of festivities has come to an end and the trade deadline has passed. The Hawks stand first in the east at 43-11, tops in wins in the league. Coming off a 19 game winning streak, the Hawks went in to the All-Star break with a few losses. However, I do not see this as a reason for concern. Let’s take a look at the Hawks and compare them to the last team to have such an extraordinary streak, the 2012-2013 Miami Heat. The Heat won 27 straight games that season, finally losing to the Chicago Bulls, and then a few games later again to the New York Knicks,...Continue reading »

Are you believing yet? If not and you have any interest in Atlanta basketball it is time to start. The days of Iso Joe and the overpaid selfish superstars are over, and have been for quite a while. The Hawks have the most wins in the NBA and have finally put a product on the floor that should get all of Atlanta tingled up inside.This kind of magic the Hawks have displayed so far is equivalent to that of the ’91 Braves and it is time for the city of Atlanta to stand in support of it. If you are one of the many Hawks fans that are just now starting to realize the...Continue reading »

On, there was recently an article regarding the under-the-radar superstar of the Atlanta Hawks. The man the article praised was Al Horford. Horford’s stats may not be eye popping but his influence on the court on both sides of the ball is undeniable. But is he the only under the radar superstar of the Hawks? Jeff Teague has been great all season, but recently we have seen an uptick in both his scoring and assists numbers. Scott Cunningham/Getty Images   In the month of January, Teague is averaging nearly twenty points a game and eight and a half...Continue reading »