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The Hawks have gotten arguably the steal of the draft with the selection of John Collins out of Wake Forest. Collins was supposed to be a borderline lottery pick, but fell to the Hawks at 19. This is the guy I have been wanting for months. With this selection, it is almost a given that Paul Millsap will be playing elsewhere next season. This kid is the future of the Hawks at the power forward position, and has All-Star potential. Here is an excerpt from a piece we did on him: “There is no sense in the Hawks trying to compete now. They simply do not have the ammunition....Continue reading »

What to do, what to do? That is the question the Atlanta Braves’ front office has been facing with Matt Adams deciding to become arguably the hottest bat in all of Major League Baseball. Do we keep him at first? Nope, Freddie’s return is on the horizon and he still needs to play first. Okay, well do we stick Adams in left? Awesome idea, but that means we would have four outfielders and one of Matt Kemp, Ender Inciarte, or Nick Markakis would have to become the odd man out. This is quite a problem the Braves have, albeit it a good problem. Insert Freddie Freeman...Continue reading »

Arodys Vizcaino is quietly having a dominant 2017. Viz took over the closer role in 2015, ironically after Jim Johnson was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was a bright spot on what was otherwise arguably the worst team in baseball. in 33.2 innings pitched, Arodys gave up just six earned runs and struck out 37 batters. He saved just nine games, but this was in part due to the team not winning many games. 2016 was not so fruitful for Vizcaino, however. He struggled mightily, as his walk rate and ERA inflated. Jim Johnson was back on the roster and had more closing...Continue reading »

The day has finally come. Sure, draft night will not be as exciting for Hawks fans as it is for Celtics and Sixers fans. However, adding young talent is always fun, and it will be interesting to see what Travis Schlenk has up his sleeve in his first draft. Adrian Wojnowarski reported that Kent Bazemore has been involved in discussions as of late, so he could be moved tonight. Other moves also could be made. Regardless of what happens, the Hawks are currently slated to pick 19th overall, so here is my short list of guys who could be available. John Collins The Hawks would...Continue reading »

Bartolo Colon’s performance and his eventual injury may have forced the Braves to bring up one of their young arms before they ideally wanted to. With Colon set to return from his short stay on the DL, Atlanta is evaluating all their options going forward. It appears the team is headed toward a six-man rotation, but those never last for long. The Braves are going to have to make a move soon, but if there is one thing that is becoming evident every time he steps on the mound, Sean Newcomb is not going anywhere. With Colon prolonging his return due to back stiffness,...Continue reading »

These away matches just aren’t going to get any better, are they? Just when we think things are starting to look better, they get worse. Atlanta United lost to the worst team in the Eastern Conference on Wednesday after some terrible officiating and even worse defending allowed DC to score two unanswered goals. It was the second meeting between the two teams, and DC United have been able to take all six points. There were a few times in the first half where there were some very questionable calls made by Nima Saghafi and the linesmen. Tito Villalba looked to have...Continue reading »

After yesterday’s Dwight Howard trade, it is rebuilding time for Atlanta. New general manager Travis Schlenk has made it known that he is seeking flexibility going forward, and re-signing Millsap would be the opposite of such. With Kent Bazemore and Miles Plumlee on the books with inflated contracts, the Hawks have little flexibility as it currently stands. However, the Hawks do save some money this season by getting rid of Howard, and will receive eight figures of salary cap relief the following two seasons when Marco Bellinelli’s deal expires. The Hawks...Continue reading »

In a somewhat surprising move, the Hawks parted ways with Dwight Howard after just a single season with his hometown team. There were questions coming into the offseason about which direction the Hawks might go. Would they hang onto their current assets and continue to try and improve as a team? Or would they decide to finally hit the rebuild button, that they have been oh-so-close to punching the last two seasons. With a new GM, it did not take long to figure out things are going to be a little different under Travis Schlenk’s reign. Gone are the days of mediocrity,...Continue reading »

Matt Adams has become a superstar in Atlanta, and with Freddie Freeman slowly inching his way back from the disabled list, the Braves now a have an unforeseen dilemma on their hands. Adams cannot return to the pinch-hit role he played in St. Louis. He has proven in his short stint with Atlanta he is far too good for that. This leaves the Braves with two legitimate options: Trade the slugging Adams, who is in the last year of his contract, for as much as possible, or figure out a way for Freeman and Adams to coexist in the field. If the Braves become sellers, moving Adams...Continue reading »

The move to trade Dwight Howard last night left little doubt to where the organization is headed. A rebuild is officially in the cards, and the next step is their decision on Paul Millsap. While the Hawks will not be the team to pony up a ridiculous $200 million dollar contract for Millsap, it does not mean there are not several teams out there that still would, giving the Hawks a final opportunity to get something in return for the four-time all-star. Atlanta missed out on the opportunity to receive anything for Al Horford, as he signed with the Boston Celtics in free...Continue reading »