2023 AFC Championship could land in Atlanta

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Who said the NFL playoffs won’t be taking place in Atlanta this year? Whoever did must not know what they are talking about. Because while the Falcons have been eliminated, the NFL recently named Atlanta the potential site of the 2023 AFC Championship game if it is between the Bills and Chiefs.

Because of the traumatizing incident that occurred to Damar Hamlin two weeks ago on Monday Night Football, the Bills weren’t able to play a full slate of games. Had they beaten the Bengals that night, they would have been awarded the #1 seed and a first round bye. However, because the game wasn’t completed, they ended as #2 seed.

That’s a tough break all around, but the NFL did decide that if the two teams meet in the AFC Championship, the game will take place at a neutral site, which we now know is Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

A lot has to happen for the two teams to meet. The Bill play the Dolphins in the Wild Card round and will likely face a much tougher Bengals team the following week. The Chiefs also have to win next week, but there’s a real chance a Championship round game will take place in Atlanta for the first time since 2016. Even if the Falcons aren’t apart of it, that’s exciting.

Photo: Austin McAfee/Icon Sportswire

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