3 Overvalued Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

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Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman is currently going around WR15 in many PPR drafts. At this point, you can’t doubt Tom Brady and the Patriots when it comes to winning, but I don’t trust any of their players in fantasy. Brady isn’t the same guy (in the stat category) that he once was, and this offense isn’t going to be a high-powered, well-oiled machine like it has been in the past. I think Edelman is the most reliable fantasy player on the Patriots, but now that Josh Gordon has been reinstated, it is more likely he finishes around WR30 than WR10. Edelman’s only played 16 games twice in his career, has never finished higher than WR14 in a PPR, and will be 33 this season. There are several young players like Mike Williams and Calvin Ridley, who are being taken after Edelman, that I would rather have on my roster.

Josh Gordon

It’s not that I don’t like Gordon or Edelman as players, but odds are one or both of them significantly underachieve based on where they are being drafted. Gordon is being selected as a WR2 in some drafts; he hasn’t had that type of success since 2013. Who even knows how many games he will be on the field next year? And I’ve already stated I don’t think being a part of this Patriots offense with Tom Brady is advantageous for fantasy purposes.

A.J. Green

Growing up a Georgia fan, few players impacted my childhood like A.J. Green. Simply put, he was the best college football wide receiver I have ever seen. Green has turned in a terrific pro career thus far, but injuries have made him a high-risk fantasy player and are already impacting his 2019. There is uncertainty regarding when he will be able to return this season from a foot injury. Even if he does, who knows how many healthy weeks you are going to get out of him, and it is ballsy to expect Green to be on the field during your fantasy playoffs. He is a “do not draft guy” that is getting love in the top-25 still.


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