Alex Anthopoulos: “That’s not the Freddie we know…” on Freeman’s Dodgers press conference

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As Freddie Freeman and the Braves part ways, details have emerged of how the contract negotiations played out, and they don’t look good for Freeman’s camp. Buster Olney wrote a detailed account of what transpired between Freeman’s representation and Atlanta’s front office, and one thing is clear; Freeman (or his reps) tried to play hardball with the Braves, and they lost.

Time heals all wounds, but the animosity is growing between Braves fans and their long-time first baseman.

In a radio interview with Dukes and Bell on 92.9 The Game, Alex Anthopoulos had some choice words for Freeman’s actions since signing with the rival Dodgers.

It must sting to see Freeman in LA, especially when he’s acting like the Braves didn’t want him back and that he desperately wanted to be back. The fact is Freeman either wanted to be out west, or there was a lapse in communication between himself and his agent. Either way, it’s not the Braves’ fault Freeman isn’t playing in Atlanta this season and beyond. He has nobody to blame but himself and his representatives.



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