Alex Sarr on whether he’d report to Atlanta if Hawks draft him

NBA: APR 04 Hawks at Bulls

The biggest story in the NBA Draft is Alex Sarr and the Hawks.

For much of the offseason, Sarr was considered the top prospect in a draft class that didn’t have a consensus top prospect. As the process evolved, rumblings ensued that Sarr declined a workout with Atlanta. Those reports were eventually confirmed, prompting speculation that his camp didn’t want the Hawks to draft him.

Yesterday was the first time the Atlanta media got to ask him about it, and Alex Sarr essentially dodged the question. It’s obviously rubbed Hawks fans the wrong way, but Sarr did tell Jake Fischer that he would indeed report to Atlanta if they draft him at No. 1 overall.

“I’ll play for any team that drafts me,” Sarr said, via Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports. “For me, the most important thing is if a team is willing to take a chance on you, you just have to go there and play hard. There’s no such thing as being picky or not wanting to go somewhere.”

I’ve been quite adamant regarding my stance on this entire situation. I subscribe to the notion that I don’t want anyone who doesn’t want me, including Alex Sarr. However, if Landry Fields and the Hawks determine Sarr is the best prospect in this draft class, this shouldn’t even be a conversation.

It shouldn’t matter what Sarr, his camp, or the Lord Almighty wants. The Hawks own the rights to the No. 1 pick; therefore, they have all of the power. Alex Sarr said the right thing, confirming he’d report to Atlanta, but it shouldn’t matter either way.

From my point of view, there’s a lot of posturing going on between the two parties.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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