Are The Braves Going To Lose 100 Games?


Alright everyone stand back, I’m gonna do math. The Braves sit today at 53-70, tied for the 5th worst record in the major leagues. That leaves 39 games left to play. Atlanta needs to go 10-29 or better to avoid hitting the century mark for losses. Since they were 41-42 and sniffing being above .500; Atlanta is 12-28. It’s safe to say that the wheels have come off of our bus. However, as glad as the GM in me is that we will likely be drafting in the top 5, it bothers the baseball fan in me that my team may lose 100 games. Don’t get me wrong; I’m gonna be real happy next June if the Braves get to choose from Phil Bickford, AJ Puk, or Seth Beer (personally wouldn’t mind having a “Beer” Braves jersey.)


Since the team has been in Atlanta, the only two squads to lose 100 games are:

Worst team in baseball at 101 losses in 1977 (Next year’s record: 69-93)

2nd worst team in baseball at 106 losses in 1988 (Next year’s record: 63-97)


One Promising Note? In 1978 the Atlanta Braves selected Bob Horner with the first overall pick in the MLB First Year Player Draft.

A not so promising note? In 1989 they chose C Tyler Houston 2nd overall. They passed on Frank Thomas; who went 6th to the White Sox.

So yes, this club has a chance to be HISTORICALLY bad. We’ve seen our #1 draft choices work out (Chipper, Horner). But is selecting #1 in June worth 100 losses? Who knows, Philly, Milwaukee, Oakland, Colorado, Cincy and Miami are still jockeying it out for the last 5 spots, so maybe losing 100 would just add insult to injury? One game could mean one higher pick, though. It sucks now, but would it be worth it in June 2016?

However, it hurts now. Nobody wants to lose 100 games. Come on Atlanta, can we just go 63-99?

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