Atlanta Falcons most valuable franchise in division, according to Forbes

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The NFL lost around 20% of its total revenue during the 2020 season due to the impact of COVID-19 — an average of $381 million per team. Forbes notes that the operating income — earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization — dropped to an average of $7.1 million per team from $109 million in 2019. Still, the average value of each team is up 14% to $3.48 billion — Forbes noted as the biggest gain in five years.

The reason for the increase in value is due to the media rights deal the NFL signed in March — $111.8 billion. According to Forbes, the Falcons came in as the 20th most valuable franchise, which is higher than every other team in the NFC South.

20. Atlanta Falcons

Value: $3.2 billion

One-Year Change: 11%

Owner: Arthur Blank

Operating Income: -$4 million


The Falcons may not have beaten the Saints or the Buccaneers last year, but they beat them in one statistic — money. Atlanta’s owner, Arthur Blank, is one of the wealthiest owners in the league as a co-founder of corporate giant Home Depot. He’s steadfast in creating a great organization for the city of Atlanta, and with a brand new stadium, the Falcons are the premier franchise in the NFC South. Still, I’m sure Blank sees the Falcons franchise as a tool to better the city and its citizens before making a profit. Unlike Jerry Jones, who likely prioritizes profits and losses, Blank is a people-first type of owner.



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