Atlanta fans unite for the national anthem


A night that seemed doomed by rain ended up being probably the best time you could’ve had at an Atlanta United game. So many great things happened for the team and for the fans, but one thing before the game stood out.

Chinau Hawk took the field to sing the national anthem, but when his microphone started to malfunction and no one could hear him singing, Atlanta United supporters took full advantage of the opportunity. An absolutely beautiful scene began to unfold at Bobby Dodd stadium when the fans raised their voices and united to sing the national anthem.

Although his moment wasn’t to be, Chinau Hawk commented on what happened. “I thought it was incredible. It made me smile because for that moment we were not divided.. we were one, and it was beautiful.” said Hawk. He has been invited back to sing for a future match, and admits that after attending the game he is a fan of the team, saying “I’m all in.”

While I’m sure the club will continue to book singers for the national anthem, it’ll be on the fans to make their voices heard whether the mic is working or not. After the reaction that this is getting though, don’t be surprised if you hear it during every home match.

Watch the chilling moment here:

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