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Braves: MLB Offseason Guide and Assorted Gripes

It’s the MLB offseason, and the Braves haven’t made any consequential moves yet, so I figured I’d ramble about a few important free agency and contract-negotiation concepts that will be relevant throughout the next few months, and maybe clear up some common misconceptions while I’m at it. 1) The value and duration of a Qualifying

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Good News for the Braves: Rival Ace Finally Leaves the NL East

For the entire offseason, Braves fans have maintained hopes that free-agent ace Jacob deGrom would stay within the NL East and sign with Atlanta. Sadly, those hopes are now worth as much as your FTX crypto tokens because deGrom inked a deal of at least $185M with the Texas Rangers on Friday night. BREAKING: Right-hander

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Maybe the Braves don’t need to trade for a second baseman

When Ozzie Albies immediately went to the ground following an awkward swing a few days ago, it caused a lot of concern in Braves Country. Of course, the big question was Ozzie’s well-being; while his fractured foot is most likely not season-ending, it’s still not a quick recovery. So another obvious question emerged: since Ozzie

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Ozzie Albies sidelined with fractured left foot

During Monday night’s game in Washington, Ozzie Albies took an awkward cut on an inside pitch, grounded it softly to third, and fell to the ground after a single step down the baseline. He didn’t stay down for long, but was limping severely on the way back to the dugout. Ozzie Albies exits tonight's game

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Braves: Anthopoulos, the Greek God of Economics

About twenty years ago, the Oakland Athletics front office sought to answer the following question: how can small-market teams hope to compete against large-market teams that have payrolls two or three times the size? The answer they discovered—thanks in large part to baseball statistics demigod Bill James—was that the objective of a general manager is

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What a Week It’s Been: Fortunes flip for the Falcons

At the beginning of this offseason, things seemed to finally be looking up for the Falcons in the NFC South. Sean Payton and Tom Brady retired within a week of each other, setting the Buccaneers adrift and leaving the Saints without their bishop. With Cam Newton approaching free agency, the best rostered quarterbacks on the

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Former Braves utility man signs with a division rival

On Sunday, utility infielder/outfielder Ehire Adrianza signed a 1-year contract with the Nationals, as reported by @ElExtrabase on Twitter. Adrianza was an often-overlooked yet important member of the Braves’ title team, appearing in 109 games during the 2021 regular season. His contract with Washington is pending a physical, and the financial terms of the deal

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All Quiet on the Eastern Front: MLB CBA negotiations remain at a standstill

On Saturday, MLB owners and Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) representatives conducted a meeting in New York City to attempt to bridge the gap between the two sides. With Spring Training looming, this was an opportunity for the MLB owners to present their counter-proposal to the union. However, neither group seemed too interested in

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