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Should Arthur Smith consider bringing Todd Gurley back?

Last year, as we all know, the Falcons signed running back Todd Gurley to a one-year contract worth over $5 million — a deal he did not live up to. However, Dirk Koetter’s inability or unwillingness to run the football also had something to do with Gurley’s ineffectiveness. With a new coach in the fold

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Falcons Head Coach Search: Arthur Smith

The Falcons’ most recent blown lead has fans once again calling for Matt Ryan‘s head. The upcoming GM/HC combo has to decide to continue to build around him or totally retool around another QB. I am a fan of the former because I believe the 2016 MVP can still win a Super Bowl (and getting rid

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Falcons Head Coach Search: Robert Saleh

Since the firing of Dan Quinn (okay, probably longer than that), Falcons fans have been calling for an offensive-minded head coach. I feel the same, but with the recent routing of the Raiders, and a coaching suggestion from a Twitter follower (shout out to my home-boy Brian!) I am inclined to explore defensive options such

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Is it time for the Falcons to draft their future quarterback?

Mid-November is not normally a time to pay much attention to mock-drafts or put much thought into what picks the Falcons will make. But as with the rest of 2020, this is not a normal year. One particular mock-draft caught my attention. The headline read, “Falcons take QB Trey Lance…in Draft Wire’s 3-round mock.” I

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Falcons Head Coach Search: Josh McDaniels

For years, the Falcons have had defensive-minded coaches in Mike Smith and Dan Quinn, who were both previously defensive coordinators before being hired by Atlanta. With the current head coach position vacant, most fans are screaming for an offensive-focused coach. Josh McDaniels (the current OC for the Patriots) is touted as one of the best

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Falcons Head Coach Search: Lincoln Riley

At the beginning of the season, Falcons fans certainly did not expect to be excited about a two-game win streak going into Week 10. Truth be told, we shouldn’t be. We should be excited by a season blemished by only three losses. We should be excited to be a team with high hopes to make

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Falcons Head Coach Search: Joe Brady

Who should the Falcons hire to whip the team into Championship form? For years Arthur Blank has promised Falcons’ fans an elite, championship-caliber team. Atlanta currently possesses (mostly) championship-caliber talent, especially on offense. However, now Blank has the opportunity to hire a coach who will help solidify the Falcons as a first-class team for years

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Falcons Head Coach Search: Raheem Morris

In the wake of Dan Quinn being fired, should the Falcons consider Raheem Morris for the permanent position? The Falcons are 2-6 in a year that we were told would be geared towards winning it all. Two good things that have come out of this bleak and downright embarrassing season: The overdue firing of Dan

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Matt Ryan is not the problem

Why should the Falcons keep Matt Ryan? This week, the Falcons found the most creative way to lose while leading in the fourth quarter as Todd Gurley accidentally scores (who even knew that was a thing? I sure didn’t!) but leaves too much time on the clock for the Lions offense to manhandle the Falcons

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