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Part 4 of a 5 part series, “Braves 40-Man Roster Additions,” will look at the Braves players who need to be added to the 40-man roster or risk being lost to the Rule 5 Draft. For those unaware, this happens every December, and its purpose is to give log-jammed Minor Leaguers opportunities with other clubs. If a player is selected in the MLB portion of the Rule 5 Draft, said player will be placed on the selecting team’s 26-man roster.

Here are the last pieces if you’re late to the series.

Yesterday’s 40-Man Roster Additions 

Both Travis Demeritte and Alan Rangel would’ve been MiLB free agents should the Braves had not made this procedural move. Demeritte had a great year at AAA and still holds value as a fringe Major Leaguer with some breakout potential.

Alan Rangel was a surprise for me, but he could be one to keep an eye on after looking closer. In 2021, he struck out 11.7/9 while only walking 2.2/9 while adding 4 MPH to his fastball. Both could very well get removed at some point in time this offseason, but it’s a testament to the two players that Anthopoulos valued them enough not to risk losing them.

Players In Need of Being Added to the 40-Man roster

Breakdown: This is a good list, which is a real problem for the Braves. Six or seven of these guys would be added to the 40-man roster in a typical year, but the Braves just cannot afford to make that many additions. Drew Waters and Freddy Tarnok are first in the pecking order, followed by relief prospects Brooks Wilson, Brandon S. White, Daysbel Hernandez, and William Woods. Drew Lugbauer had a breakout season in 2021 and is performing well at the Arizona Fall League, but he’s a 1B prospect and likely not be included. Greyson Jenista also fits this mold.

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for the finale in the series.



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