Braves: Brian Snitker comments on the progress of Will Smith and Freddie Freeman

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Entering Spring Training, two of the Braves’ biggest stars tested positive for the coronavirus — Freddie Freeman, and the newly signed Will Smith. Reports from last week told us that Freeman was in pretty rough shape for a few days, and that was one of the primary reasons Nick Markakis decided to opt-out. Here’s what Freeman’s wife had to say via Instagram.

However, most recently, Freeman was reportedly beginning to come around. We haven’t heard much news in regards to Will Smith other than he was asymptomatic when the tests first came back.

Today, Fox Sports released numerous snippets from the broadcasts’ interview with Brian Snitker, and one of the questions asked was the progress of both Freeman and Smith. Unfortunately, Snitker couldn’t offer much of an answer. Here’s what he had to say.

For what has proven to be a wild and uncontainable virus, there must be ultra-strict precautions. In the video, it sounds like Snitker is alluding to one or both of them showing no symptoms, but that isn’t enough for them to be cleared. They have to go through a strict testing process, producing multiple negative results, and nobody knows how long that might take.

From personal experience, I’ve had friends test positive for weeks after their symptoms died down. I’ve also heard doctors say the same thing. Hopefully, for the Braves’ sake, that is not the case for Freeman or Smith, but baseball is doing the right thing by taking all the necessary precautionary measures. If they didn’t, there would be no hope for this season to be completed.


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