Braves: Buster Olney doubles down on Freddie Freeman not returning to Atlanta

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ESPN’s Buster Olney is the one who originally reported that there is a belief around the league that Freddie Freeman will not be re-signing with the Braves. I didn’t necessarily agree with his report and still don’t. I believe Freeman will re-sign with the Braves and stay in Atlanta for the remainder of his career. But perhaps that’s just the optimist in me because Olney doubled down on his take on the WAKE and RAKE podcast by stating, “Unless the Braves make that jump, I think Freddie Freeman is gonna leave.”

The good news is Olney does believe the situation can change with one phone call. Like most, he thinks Freeman would like to remain in Atlanta, and if the offers are close, he’ll stay. The difference seems to be that all-important sixth year. The Braves haven’t offered it yet, and it looks as if other organizations have.

Olney also addresses where Freeman could go if he does leave. The Yankees seem far-fetched because while they have an opening at first base, they already have a high payroll and need to get a new deal done with Aaron Judge. However, as I’ve said several times, the Dodgers make too much sense, which would be an absolute nightmare for the Braves. Another sleeper team to watch is the Blue Jays. They have money to spend and are ready to compete. Inserting Freeman into their lineup might make them the favorites in the American League. I would hate to see Freeman leave regardless, but if he had to go, I could still cheer for him if he departed for Toronto.



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