Braves: Cristian Pache has been traded to a division rival

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If he manages to make the roster, the Braves will be seeing Cristian Pache more than they had originally planned after trading him for Matt Olson:

Earlier this week, we knew Pache was either going to be waived or traded. Now, he’s going to the Phillies in exchange for Billy Sullivan, a 23-year-old relief pitcher in AAA. Sullivan posted a 4.59 ERA in Reading last season with a 1.69 WHIP along with 77 strikeouts to just 36 walks over 51 innings. Not a bad looking player at all, but talk about a rough return on investment. Pache was one of the centerpieces of the Matt Olson trade, and now Oakland is flipping him for what is essentially a AAAA relief pitcher. Sullivan is young and still has potential, but knowing the A’s, this one probably won’t work out well for them.

For Pache, I really like the kid, and I hate to see him go to a division rival. I understand the need in Philly with Bryce Harper shelved for a few months, and they can take a swing on his upside while potentially hurting the Braves in the process. I used to always wish the best for Pache, but I’m not so sure anymore. Maybe just when he isn’t playing against Atlanta.

Photographer: Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire

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