Braves: Dodgers Max Muncy comments on Freddie Freeman potentially joining him in Los Angeles

Fredde Freeman is one of the many Braves impending free agents

At this point, there is a shorter list of teams that aren’t in on Freddie Freeman than there is of those who are. Teams around the league think the Braves are willing to let him walk, and from reports, nobody should be shocked if he does. I’m still of the belief that Alex Anthopoulos will get something done once the lockout ends, but there are teams that scare me when it comes to a bidding war — namely, the Los Angles Dodgers.

Nobody can check the boxes for Freeman quite like the Dodgers. They compete for the World Series year in and year out, they have the deepest pockets in baseball, and Freeman is a Southern California native. For an unrestricted free agent that’s looking for the final contract of his career, the scenario almost seems too good to be true. And now, Freeman even has Dodger players beginning to recruit him.

Max Muncy recently commented on the concept of Freeman joining the lineup, and he realizes just how unstoppable they would be with the addition.

This is important too because Muncy logged most of his games at first base for the Dodgers last season. Obviously, he would be forced to switch positions if Freeman headed to Los Angeles, but this appears to be a non-issue. Muncy has experience playing all over the infield, and the DH coming to the National League would make things even easier for Dave Roberts to put the best possible lineup on the field.

This would be a nightmare situation for the Braves. It also would end any talk about Freeman’s legacy in Atlanta… because there wouldn’t be one. If Freeman joins the Dodgers, I don’t see how they don’t win several World Series titles over the length of his contract. That may be appealing to Freeman, but it would do irreparable harm to how he’s viewed in Atlanta. I guess we’ll find out just how much that means to him after all.

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