Braves: Doug Gottlieb admits he was wrong about Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman

A couple of months ago, some astonishing news was reported on Twitter surrounding Freddie Freeman‘s free agency. In a tweet that has now been deleted, Doug Gottlieb of Fox Sports claimed Casey Close — Freeman’s agent during his negotiations with the Braves — never reported the Braves’ final offer to Freeman, which is why Freeman fired Close.

Close fired back, claiming the accusations were categorically incorrect and threatened to file legal action against Gottlieb for misrepresentation. He also blamed the Braves for creating a false narrative surrounding the situation.

Fast forward to today, and Doug Gottlieb has retracted his previous statement regarding Freddie Freeman.

Casey Close also released this statement:

From the onset, we were clear that Mr. Gottlieb’s tweet was wholly inaccurate and that we would seek legal remedies to set the record straight. He has retracted his statement in its entirety and acknowledged that he got the story wrong. We consider this matter closed.

It’s clear whoever Gottlieb received his information from was incorrect. The truth is us common folk will never know what really happened between Close, Freeman, and the Braves. Regardless, it’s time to completely close the chapter on Freddie Freeman. He’s a Dodger now — a member of Atlanta’s greatest obstacle when it comes to repeating as World Series champions. All that matters from this point on is the Braves make Freeman’s life a living hell in the playoffs.

Photo: John Adams/Icon Sportswire

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