Braves: Even before his latest rant, it’s overdue for Atlanta to move on from Brian Snitker

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Typically, I don’t write articles like this. This is going to be a very polarizing piece, but after Brian Snitker’s post-game press conference last night, he just reassured what I already knew. He is not fit to manage this team.

After a 3-5 performance at the plate, Snitker felt that Acuña deserved to be buried for making a baserunning mistake in the ninth inning. In the same press conference, he failed to take any responsibility for how poorly he has managed Atlanta’s bullpen.

With the bases loaded last night, Snitker decided to bring in AJ Minter to face Christian Arroyo. Using Fangraphs’ leverage index, in what are considered “high leverage situations” (ie: the bases loaded), hitters are slugging .559 against Minter and getting on base at a 41% clip. There is no reasonable excuse to put him in that spot. Our own Clint Manry broke down some very simple statistics regarding how many times a pitcher goes through an order, and how Brian Snitker seems to be oblivious to it. However, this isn’t even about his terrible track record with bullpen management. Last night was not the first time that Snitker has thrown Atlanta’s star player under the bus.

It is always the same excuses every time. “Snitker has said he loves Ronald like a son!” Well, he has a funny way of showing it. “The Braves went to the NLCS in 2020 and almost won it!” Well, that was last season, and they are ten losses behind the Mets right now playing very uninspired baseball. They also blew a 3-1 lead. I’ll admit that Snitker isn’t working with as talented of a roster as he has before, but when you compound the fact that he’s publicly attacking and scolding the face of the franchise to the media — his performance is put under a microscope. Under a microscope, he’s been downright abysmal since the last three games of last season.

I have no bones with Brian Snitker as a person. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but the treatment of Ronald Acuña Jr. combined with the losing becomes unacceptable. It’s time for the Braves to make a move, and hopefully, light a spark under a team that looks like they won’t be participating in the 2021 postseason.



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