Braves: Finally, progress to end the lockout is being made

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Since the lockout began on December 2nd, the owners and MLBPA have met a grand total of two times. The first came about a week ago, which ended quickly and reportedly did not go well. The second was today, as the Player’s Association delivered a counterproposal. Exact details have yet to be revealed entirely, but it looks like we are finally headed in the right direction.

The two sides will meet again tomorrow.

I’m not sure how much actual progress was made. According to Jeff Passan, the two sides remain quite a bit apart.

But the fact that they seem to be picking up the pace and actively trying to resolve this is promising.

Frankly, there is no reason this should still be going on. There are a lot of moving parts when completing such a complex deal, but if the two sides put their heads together, an agreement could be reached within a matter of days. For some reason, they decided to meet twice in two months. Now that they seem committed to finding a resolution, it’s not unfathomable that Spring Training will begin on time.




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