Braves find themselves in midst of NL East arms race


When the defending NL East champions acquired Josh Donaldson, fans of rival teams wondered what their respective team’s moves would be to counter the acquisition. They have not had to wait long.

It started with the Mets this weekend. And while the Mets are the Mets, they are clearly looking to become more competitive for the 2019 season. While the Mets gave up some quality prospects, the trade for Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano certainly makes them worth talking about. Cano’s albatross of a contract could end up being a big liability in the future given the fact that father time is undefeated and it does not help that he got busted for a masking agent. It is also questionable to pick up his deal when they have a great, young internal option at second base in Jeff McNeil. However, there is no denying that Cano can still play, even at age 36. Diaz is an elite closer who the Mets will control for years. They have work to do if they want him to close a significant amount of games this season, but they are also reportedly interested in JT Realmuto:

The Phillies are already making big splashes as well. they got a steal of a trade when they acquired star shortstop Jean Segura and a quality reliever in James Pazos for J.P Crawford, who is on bust alert, and Carlos Santana, who has a fat contract the Phillies wanted to part with. Jerry Dipoto, this is one of the dumbest trades in recent memory, and Braves fans probably hate you right now. Philly will not stop here, as they are serious suitors for Bryce Harper and have expressed a willingness to overpay this offseason to make the team more competitive.

Last but not least, the Nationals signed Patrick Corbin. We will see if this fat deal ends up becoming a liability for the Nationals in future years, but it undoubtedly makes their stacked rotation that already features Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer even better. The Nationals should not be slept on. They have serious young talent to replace Bryce Harper in the outfield, and it is tough to bank on things going just as wrong for them in 2019.

With that being said, the Nationals always look great on paper, but with little results. Braves fans should be nervous, but history has a way of repeating themselves. The Phillies are clearly the team Braves fans should keep their eyes on this offseason. However, the Nationals and Mets will surely be more competitive. The real question is what will the Braves do next to solidify their position atop the NL East as they look to add an outfielder, starter and reliever.

Hey, at least nobody has to worry about the Marlins.

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