Braves: Freddie Freeman reportedly seeking six-year, $180 million contract

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MLB Insider Jon Heyman has provided some interesting news regarding Freddie Freeman‘s free agency today. Earlier, he reported that several teams, including the Yankees, Blue Jays, and Dodgers are attempting to “pry” Freeman away from the Braves.

Now, Heyman’s reporting that Freeman is seeking a six-year, $180 million contract.

Heyman is right. If that’s all Freeman is demanding from the Braves, it would be idiotic not to re-sign him. I mean just look at some of the contracts being handed out to players that haven’t been nearly as valuable as Freeman has been to the Braves. If this is truly the case, a deal must get done, or it will be a colossal failure by ownership and the front office.

However, I’m not so sure what Heyman is hearing is correct. Some of these contracts handed out have been unbelievable, so it’s hard to imagine Freeman cannot get more than $180 million, especially since we know the Dodgers, Yankees, and Blue Jays are all interested. Unfortunately, we likely won’t hear anything for quite a while. Unless something changes over the next 24 hours, Freeman will remain a free agent heading into what looks to be a lengthy lockout.

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