Braves: I still believe in Max Fried, and you should too

dkb200804010 tor vs atl

Game 2 between the Astros and Braves felt like a real chance for the Braves to take a commanding lead, and even though a 1-1 split on the road isn’t the worst thing, it felt like Atlanta really needed to capitalize on this game with Charlie Morton ruled out for the season. That didn’t happen, and Max Fried struggled early and often.

The box score won’t tell the whole story. After an ugly start, Fried settled down and began working. He managed to make it five innings when it looked like he may not even escape the second. After giving up four runs in the second inning, Fried didn’t give up another hit until the sixth. Fried struck out five of the remaining eleven batters he faced, showing some incredible resiliency. Max also got pretty unlucky, historically unlucky, actually.

I still believe in Max Fried. He has had a few mechanical quirks during this postseason, but I fully expect him to dominate when he gets another chance. That’s just who he is. With injury striking at the worst time, the Braves need him now more than ever.

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