Braves: Is it time to start worrying about a Freddie Freeman extension?

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Opening Day has arrived, and Freddie Freeman, who is set to become a free agent at season’s end, has not been extended, and he doesn’t seem thrilled about it. When asked by David O’Brien about a potential extension before today’s loss, Freeman had this to say:

On the one hand, it’s extremely disappointing for all parties that this has not been resolved yet. It’s completely understandable for Freeman to be discouraged about the situation, especially since Francisco Lindor, who has yet to play a game for the Mets, was just handed $341 million. On the other hand, at least Freeman is focused on the task at hand — winning this year.

So, is it time to worry about a Freeman extension happening? I’m not quite there yet. Alex Anthopoulos came on the Braves broadcast and was asked about the situation, and he didn’t seem too concerned, stating the same thing he has said all offseason — that both parties want to get an extension done.

Freeman has a love for this city and organization; being a lifetime Brave is important to him. So, as long as the Braves put together an offer that is fair for him, he will be in Atlanta for life. I have a hard time believing Liberty Media, as cheap as they have been in the past, will let Freeman go to another organization. Although, I would certainly appreciate it if this were locked up before the end of the season. If Freddie is allowed to hit the open market, the money may lead him in another direction.

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