Braves: Jim Bowden doesn’t think it will take Freddie Freeman long to sign following lockout

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Jim Bowden recently wrote an article for The Athletic where he named seven players who will sign quickly once the lockout ends and seven players who will need more time.

Among the 14 names was Freddie Freeman, who topped the list of players Bowden believes will sign quickly.

Bowden isn’t alone in his sentiment. Ken Rosenthal had this to say about Freeman’s free agency back in late January:

If I’m the Braves, I’m thinking about a pre-emptive strike coming out of the lockout to protect against the loss of first baseman Freddie Freeman. And if I’m Freeman, I’m thinking about a pre-emptive strike to get the free-agent contract I want, rather than wait one more second for the Braves.

I’ve also heard several other MLB insiders suggest Freeman will be one of the first dominos to fall once the lockout ends. It just makes too much sense. What more do the Braves and Freeman have to discuss? They’ve been talking about a new contract for years now, and it hasn’t happened. I’m sure the Braves will have the opportunity to make their final offer once the lockout ends, but if it isn’t one more appealing to Freeman, he likely already has his next destination in mind.




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