Braves: Liberty Media has built a sports empire, but you wouldn’t know it by their spending

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Forbes recently released a list of the 25 most valuable sports empires, and coming in at #1 was the owner of the World Series champions.

Had this list come out four months ago, Braves fans likely would have been up in arms. Many still will be. Despite being a company that’s worth billions of dollars, Liberty Media has remained consistently strict with their budget, which fans often blame for the team falling short.¬†However, since the Braves finally got over the hump and won their first World Series since 1995, this news is a little easier to swallow.

Because of the success of both the team and the ownership group, I’m really interested to see how free agency shakes out once the lockout comes to an end. We’ve heard the Braves linked to some marquee names, and of course, there’s a Freddie Freeman situation that needs to be resolved. Alex Anthopoulos has already said payroll will be higher in 2022. How much higher is the question? It’s possible this team has multiple splashes up their sleeve before the start of the season.

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