Braves: Liberty Media reports massive second-quarter earnings

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After a miserable year thanks to COVID, Liberty Media, who own the Atlanta Braves, reported massive earnings in the second quarter of 2021.

According to O’Brien, Liberty Media operated at a $26 million operating loss in 2020 with things shut down because of COVID. But with fans back and the Braves leading baseball in attendance, business has done a complete 180 of Liberty Media, which hopefully means they will spend more money on the team, but I certainly wouldn’t assume anything.

Business has been booming for Liberty Media ever since the Braves moved to the battery, and they’ve yet to show a willingness to really commit to winning. With a little more leeway in regards to payroll, Anthopoulos could consistently put one of the best teams in baseball on the field for the next decade. It’s disappointing, which is why I’m not expecting this news to lead to a spike in payroll next season. However, I do believe this to be an encouraging sign in regards to re-signing Freddie Freeman. If Liberty Media prevents that from happening, they might have a riot on their hands in Cobb County.





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