Braves: Marcell Ozuna’s comments after Sunday’s game were predictably tone deaf

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Like most of Braves Country, I was shocked that Marcell Ozuna was in the starting lineup yesterday afternoon. I’m aware of the situation — Eddie Rosario being hurt, Ronald Acuña needed a day off from the field — and it doesn’t matter.

Ozuna has no business being on the field in a Braves uniform. A DUI alone is one thing, but this man has done nothing but embarrass the organization — both on and off the field — since signing a four-year, $65 million contract with the Braves in 2021. It’s well past time for Alex Anthopoulos and company to cut their losses, and I was in awe when I saw he was starting in left field yesterday.

What I wasn’t surprised by was the result. Predictably, Ozuna was met by a chorus of boos and struck out twice in his only two at-bats. The boos were well-deserved, but it doesn’t seem like Ozuna feels that way. His comments after the game were completely tone deaf and just another reason why the Braves need to release him before he embarrasses the organization yet again.

Just don’t listen to whatever they’re saying? Man, this guy has no idea how much he really has screwed up over the last 18 months. At the very least, he could be contrite for a few days and understand why fans are upset.

Many people around Atlanta were willing to give Ozuna another chance following his domestic violence dispute, whether he deserved a second shot or not. He came back promising to do a better job of representing himself and the organization. Then he screws up again and acts like the fans don’t have a right to shower him with boos every time he shows his face at Truist Park.

Oh, and of course, the boos motivated Ozuna so much that he struck out while flailing at pitches that never had a chance of touching the strike zone, as he has all season. I’m so done with this situation; it’s not even funny. And I’m still genuinely shocked that such a well-run organization like the Braves let Ozuna start a game yesterday. Hopefully, it’s the last time it ever happens.

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