Braves Report: Freddie Freeman has rejected a five-year offer from the Braves

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According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today (Reader Beware), Freddie Freeman has set a price range and turned down one contract from the Braves:

This is what Nightengale is hearing:

Free agent Freddie Freeman was on the mind of
every team seeking a first baseman, with Freeman
rejecting Atlanta’s five-year, $135 million offer, and
seeking closer to a six-year, $200 million deal. Yet,
you couldn’t find a soul who believes Freeman won’t
be returning to Atlanta.

I wouldn’t bet on the validity, but the notions make sense. I think that’s a reasonable price tag for Freeman, even though it is pretty high. This seems like pretty simple negotiation, the Braves didn’t expect Freeman to take an offer that low — nor should he. Hopefully, the Braves and Freeman can meet somewhere in the middle. I wouldn’t make too much of this story, but I’m happy both sides are talking before a potential December 1st lockout.


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