Braves Report: Marlins interested in Adam Duvall

dkb180905051 braves vs red sox

In a bit of very disappointing news in a slow free agency, a former Brave that fans are hoping to see back in Atlanta could be on the move soon.


Duvall was surprisingly non-tendered by Atlanta after coming through in some heroic moments on more than one occasion, and Atlanta fans were hoping a deal could be negotiated to keep him with the Braves. With almost zero news on the free agency, trade, or Marcell Ozuna front — Duvall was seen as a seriously viable backup plan. Now, there’s a division rival on his heels, and I can’t say I blame him for taking another opportunity if given the chance. Miami made the playoffs last year and Duvall would be a huge improvement to their roster.

We’ll keep you posted with any other free agency news.

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