Braves Report: Multiple teams attempting to “pry” away Freddie Freeman

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This free agency frenzy before the lockout that will inevitably take place later this week has been one for the record books. Billons of dollars have changed hands over the last couple of days alone, but the Braves still don’t seem to have made any progress with their star free agent Freddie Freeman, and it looks like some other teams are beginning to smell blood in the water.

MLB insider Jon Heyman has reported that several outside suitors are attempting to “pry” away Freeman from the Braves, including the Dodgers, Yankees, and Blue Jays.

At this point, this should be a surprise to nobody. The fact that Freeman hasn’t re-signed with the Braves means there is a legitimate chance that he could be playing elsewhere next season, and as I talked about yesterday, the Dodgers are a real threat.

Freeman is from Southern California, and Los Angeles has already lost out on Max Scherzer and Corey Seager this offseason. They have money to spend and the top free agents are falling like dominos. Unless the Dodgers make a run at Carlos Correa, expect them to make Freeman quite an offer — one he may not be able to refuse.

The Yankees and Blue Jays also shouldn’t be counted out. I have a feeling New York’s top priority is Correa, but like the Dodgers, if they miss out on him, Freeman makes too much sense. Toronto may not seem like as big of a threat, but they’ve had no problem spending over the last two offseasons and are a team that is hungry to compete for championships again.

If the Braves are the favorites to land Freeman, it’s no longer by much. This is something that should have been wrapped up a year ago. Now it’s clear other organizations believe they have a real chance at stealing the man who has been the face of the Braves franchise for the last decade.

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