Braves Report: Timeline set for Mike Soroka’s return

Soroka's postgame reaction

As I wrote about earlier today, Mike Soroka was seen throwing a bullpen before yesterday’s game against the Phillies. Compared to most athletes who suffer a second torn Achilles, he’s well ahead of schedule, and now we have a timeline of when he might return.

According to Justin Toscano of The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Braves believe he could be back sometime around the All-Star break.

That’s an unbelievable recovery time, but for a young man that’s as hard of a worker as Soroka is, it’s far from surprising. However, while health is the primary concern, his next test will be whether or not he can perform at the top level again.

We are a long way removed from when Soroka finished sixth in the NL Cy Young race back in 2019. With that being said, he strikes me as the kind of guy who doesn’t believe failure is an option. I don’t think there are many athletes that could successfully recover from back-to-back Achilles injuries, but Soroka might just be one of the few that can return and still find a way to perform at a high level once he’s back.



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