Braves: The Sean Murphy trade is off to a rocky start for the Oakland Athletics

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The Braves shook up their roster when they completed a three-team trade with the Brewers and A’s, acquiring Sean Murphy in the process:

If you remember correctly, Piña only got 14 at bats in the entire year before breaking his wrist and being lost for the season. It looks like those injuries are still lingering. I don’t care about “winning” the trade as much, I just want the guy to be healthy. I loved the signing when he came to Atlanta, and I want him to be successful.

Tarnok was actually having a good spring, but “tingling” in an arm for a pitcher is never a good sign. I really liked him as a prospect as well, so hopefully everything is okay with him.

Kyle Muller has had a somewhat rocky start to the spring, but I don’t put too much stock into that.

Oakland was given a lot of flak for not getting enough back in this trade. They didn’t even acquire the second best player in the deal in William Contreras. Hopefully those guys get healthy, because right now, it isn’t looking good. And given how they are unwilling to commit financially to their club, they need these kind of blockbuster trades to work out in their favor.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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