Braves unveil new uniform changes

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The Braves have one of the most iconic uniforms in sports. The club was America’s team thanks to Ted Turner and his TBS network; everyone knew the Tomahawk represented the Atlanta Braves.

The organization has had some great jerseys over the years. In 1980, the powder blue uniforms were introduced, and Dale Murphy won multiple MVPs in those threads. They’re a personal favorite, but the arrowhead on the shoulder, which Hank Aaron donned, is equally beloved by Braves Country.

Then in 2004, the Braves reintroduced the Tomahawk across the chest, but this time it was red and not black. Now, in 2023, we have our next milestone in the history of the franchise’s uniforms; however, it is by far the most polarizing change ever — a Quikrete advertising patch:

It’s not traditional and could even be described as an eye-sore. I understand the resistance to change; it’s a natural human instinct. I’m here to talk you off that cliff, though.

First off, the Braves aren’t exempt from jersey patches. Fans may think so, but they aren’t. It’s a business at the end of the day, and Liberty Media doesn’t care about your feelings because you and every other fan will still buy jerseys.

Secondly, Quikrete is paying an exorbitant amount of money to be the official sponsor of the Atlanta Braves, which means more money for Liberty Media and, in turn, more money for the team. Nobody should be complaining as long as it’s reinvested in the team in some way.

Finally, it’s yellow and the length of an index finger — you’ll forget it’s there in 10 days. The Braves already have hints of yellow, so it’s not clashing with the color palette.

You can be upset about the club “selling out,” but these jersey patches are inevitable in every sport; just be happy the Braves chose a Georgia company that represents their lunch pail organizational philosophy, and it’s not some billion dollar medical company that is purple.

Photographer: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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