Braves: Who Says No — Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Package

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The series rolls on, as we’re approaching about a week away from the trade deadline. With the 2022 draft class all but locked up, the Braves are finally getting some prospect help. That may make some other guys in the organization more expendable. Even though the bullpen is a strong point for the Braves, could they still look to bolster the unit at the deadline? We saw the Braves trade for another Pirates relief arm — Richard Rodriguez — at the 2021 trade deadline. You can read about how that deal panned out here. Regardless, Bednar is not a similar player to Rodriguez — he’s the real deal.

If you want to check out previous editions of this series, they’re linked below!

The Players

RHP David Bednar

Innings Pitched: 44.2

ERA: 2.82

WHIP: 1.075

FIP: 2.65

Saves: 17

IF Michael Chavis

Slash Line: .238/.278/.413

Doubles: 10

Home Runs: 10

Runs Batted In: 32

fWAR: 0.1

Bednar will be highly desired around the trade deadline. The Pirates aren’t a competitive club, and he has been one of the best relief arms in baseball in 2022. He’s had a rough couple outings, but he’s still a guy who can immediately upgrade a team’s bullpen. The Braves haven’t been able to rely on Will Smith, and Kenley Jansen has had some tough injury luck. Adding a bullpen piece isn’t totally out of the question — you can never have too many talented relief arms.

Michael Chavis is a Sprayberry kid, and the former first round pick by the Red Sox has had a decent season for the Pirates. With Ozzie Albies‘ injury status up in the air, Chavis could be a solid versatile infielder with some pop in his bat — and at a low cost. Even though he’s a righty, Chavis has come through with some clutch at-bats and is a league average replacement. He would make a solid platoon addition to the infield, although I’m unsure the Braves need him with Orlando Arcia playing a bit better as of late.

The Package

#4 LHP Tucker Davidson, #10 RHP Victor Vodnik, #23 SS Luke Waddell

The return for Richard Rodriguez in 2021 was nothing too crazy, and I could see a fairly similar framework this year. Davidson is a guy who has shown he can be an effective MLB pitcher when healthy, and Vodnik and Waddell are two pieces that can develop into quality every day MLB players, much like Chavis. The latter two likely don’t have a place in Atlanta’s future plans, but they would have every opportunity to play in Pittsburgh. Davidson, who was getting shuffled around a bit in between AAA and the majors, would get a chance to pitch every five days for the Pirates, much like Bryse Wilson.

So, who says no?

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