Braves: William Contreras needs to play more

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Out of the many highlights from yesterday’s offensive onslaught, one stands out to me: William Contreras

The Braves are in a tough spot here, with Manny Piña’s return from the IL imminent. Contreras has earned a spot on the lineup, but there won’t be many opportunities for him to catch.

Contreras’ bat isn’t the only thing worth having him on-roster for; his framing and pitch calling have improved considerably. In a game where Charlie Morton’s control was subpar, Contreras did an excellent job helping him work through trouble.

Defense was an issue for Contreras last season, and it’s just another sign of him being ready to contribute in Atlanta. Even if it means trading Piña, Contreras needs more time on the field.

Trade Scenarios

There are plenty of contending teams in need of at least a backup catcher. Piña has proven to be a more than capable backstop over the years, whether it be as a starter or a backup. Additionally, he’s on a team-friendly deal. In any other scenario, he’s a player I would be thrilled to have on the Braves, and I was even excited for the signing when it happened. However, Contreras has just proven too explosive to hold in AAA for the remainder of the season. They need to find a way to get him on the field more often, and moving Piña is the best way for that to happen.

Baseball Trade Values puts Piña’s value at 0.1, so the Braves won’t be getting an overwhelming return. However, they could potentially add a bullpen arm to upgrade over Thornburg or Stephens. A few teams in need of catching come to mind, specifically the Diamondbacks.

Although they obviously aren’t contenders, having a seasoned veteran on the roster to mentor their young arms would be beneficial for the D-backs. Atlanta could potentially get an impact arm on a one year deal such as Ian Kennedy. In any case, Contreras just needs to get some more playing time, so exploring the possibility of moving Piña should definitely be in the cards.



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