You know you have hit rock bottom when your Opening Day cleanup hitter is in AAA within a month. However, Adonis Garcia is proving that he indeed has a major league bat. The 31-year old Cuban was one of the biggest surprises of the dreadful 2015 season. After being released by the Yankees, the Braves picked him up, and taking a flier on him proved to be worthy. In just 191 at bats, Garcia hit .277 with 12 doubles, 10 homers and 26 RBI. He ended up being one of the most productive players on the team despite his late call-up.

Garcia did not set the world on fire when he was named our starting third baseman to begin the season. While he offered the lineup some pop (which it still desperately needs), it was his defense that got him demoted to AAA a month into the season. The team tried plugging him in at left field as well, but they must not have found the results to be up to par.

AAA has been an absolute joke for Adonis. He is hitting .347 with 4 bombs and 13 RBI in just 13 games. This included a stretch in which he homered in four straight games.

The Braves have the worst offense in the league. It is time they brought back Adonis. Erick Aybar still has a roster spot, and he can neither hit nor field. The Braves have been finding some production recently with the hot bats of Gordon Beckham and Chase d’Arnaud. However, history suggests that their current play is likely unsustainable. There is absolutely no justification for Reid Brignac having a roster spot rather than Garcia. The team wants him to get more reps in left field, but considering 2016 is a lost season, it makes sense to just let him do so at the MLB level.

This offense desperately needs help, and while Garcia won’t make a huge impact, it’s an improvement. This team needs all the offense it can get.


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