dkf190930022 hawks media day

Reflecting on the Hawks’ Season: Oct-Dec 2019

John Collins is finding his game again  Regular season stats: 10 games, 18.0 points , 9.3 reb, 1.7 asts, 1stl , 1.8blks, 51.3 FG%, 36.2 …

dhz190128150 atl vs lac

Report: Hawk’s Kevin Huerter expected to miss about 4-5 weeks

The initial diagnosis for Kevin Huerter, who hurt his shoulder last week in Denver, was a left strained rotator cuff – the Hawks informed us …

450p124190112007 pistons at clippers

It looks like the Hawks should prioritize Andre Drummond in 2020 free agency

Yeah, it’s still early. We’re not even a quarter of the way through the NBA season yet, and I’m already writing an NBA Free Agency …

dkf190930006 hawks media day

Comparing Trae Young to his fellow point guards through one month

Trae Young isn’t feeling any sophomore slump in 2019, even if he is feeling the loss of a few teammates. The second-year man out of …

dkf190930011 hawks media day

Hawks: Kevin Huerter is OUT and will be re-evaluated in two weeks

In a press release from the Atlanta Hawks, they officially diagnosed Kevin Huerter with a left rotator cuff strain with an associated capsule strain. The …

dhz190128013 atl vs lac

Trae Young looks to make more history as Hawks visit Suns

Last time out was a thriller for Hawks fans, as they watched their team conquer one of the West’s elite in probably the toughest place …

164181106 442 duke v kentucky

Hawks: Be patient with Cam Reddish

When the Hawks drafted Cam Reddish 10th overall, there were two distinct opinions. One side, that included his peers, believed Reddish had the type of …

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