dhz190128013 atl vs lac

The key to the Hawks making the playoffs next season

Despite having the fourth-worst record in the league, on any given night, the Hawks have the talent to blow out a quality opponent. As far …

dhz191201030 wsh vs lac

Opinion: Hawks have to make a run at Bradley Beal

Even though our Atlanta Hawks have been much better of late, there’s still something missing from the lineup. John Collins is posting numbers at an …

dkf190930009 hawks media day

De’Andre Hunter is emerging as a sharpshooter for the Hawks

When the Hawks drafted De’Andre Hunter fourth overall last season, the thinking was that — due to being an older prospect — he would be a …

dfu18050543 celtics at 76ers

Embiid stuns Hawks with career-high 49 points

Even without Ben Simmons in the starting lineup, the Hawks had a tall task against one of the elite home teams in the NBA on …


Hawks reaping the benefits of hanging on to John Collins

As the February 7th trade deadline inched closer and closer, several news outlets began reporting that teams were checking in on the availability of John …

dkf200122011 lac atl

What do you want the new Hawks uniforms to look like?

Death, taxes, and Trae Young looking fly. We can always count on those three things. But Trae might be looking fly in a new uniform …

dkf200122002 lac atl

Hawks down Mavs at home behind Collins’ career-high

The Mavs have been doing a lot of load managing this year, but the Hawks learned their lesson underestimating their B-team last time the two …

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