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Report: Falcons have an “outlandish” asking price in Julio Jones trade talks

According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, the Falcons are not playing around when it comes to negotiations involving Julio Jones — nor should they. As …

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Falcons: Where did it all go wrong with Julio Jones?

The fifth episode of Talkin’ Birdy is now available on our Youtube channel, and I’m sure you can guess this week’s topic. Matt Karoly, Chase Irle, …

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Thomas Dimitroff’s mistakes are still negatively impacting the Falcons

Julio Jones requested to be traded away a few months ago, but the root of the issue remains buried in the team’s financial situation. Understanding …

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Report: Falcons have an offer for a first-round pick for Julio Jones, trade could happen next week

After earlier reports surfaced that the Falcons were unlikely to get a first-round pick in a Julio Jones deal, it looks like the bidding has …

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Julio Jones contract details, would the Falcons absorb any of his salary to finalize a trade?

Back in 2011, after being drafted sixth overall, Julio Jones signed a four-year rookie deal worth $16.2 million. He has since signed two more extensions, …

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Is the Falcons relationship with Julio Jones salvageable?

As of now, the situation between the Falcons and Julio Jones is passed the boiling point; it’s already exploded. I would say that happened when …

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Examining the betting odds of which team Julio Jones plays for in 2021

Trading Julio Jones isn’t the only way Terry Fontenot can create enough cap space to sign the 2021 draft class, but as of now, the …

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Why the Falcons will send Julio Jones to one of his preferred destinations

With all the news that has come out over the last 24-plus hours, it looks like Julio Jones‘ days with the Falcons are numbered. The …

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Falcons: Will Julio Jones’ comments to Shannon Sharpe hurt his trade value?

Over the past 24 hours, the Julio Jones trade rumors have spiraled out of control. Terry Fontenot has admitted for weeks that the team was listening to …

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Falcons: Ranking potential trade partners in a Julio Jones deal

This is an article I was hoping I would never have to write. I can’t even begin to explain how distraught I am over the …

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