College Football Gambling Locks: Week 14

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Chase Irle’s Locks

Mizzou (+13) vs. Georgia

The Dawgs are a solid team, but they haven’t looked good on the road (1-3 ATS), and Mizzou is better than a lot of people think. I think Georgia wins this, but it should be closer to a one-possession game.

UNC (+3) at Miami

Miami just doesn’t do it for me. I still think they are very overrated. UNC is a live dog here, and I think they win straight up.

Florida (-23.5) vs. LSU

Alabama could have put up 80 against LSU if they wanted to. Florida’s offense may not be as talented, but they shouldn’t have any problem putting up 50+. With all of the LSU players that have opted out, I don’t think the Tigers will keep it within 30.

Auburn (-6.5) at Mississippi State

This may be a sucker bet, but if it is, consider me a sucker. Auburn should be able to outclass Mississippi State and win this by a touchdowns-plus.

BYU (-17) vs. San Diego State

Let’s not count out BYU just yet. They traveled across the country to play a team on the road in Coastal Carolina’s biggest game in program history. Sure, BYU fell short, but you have to give some credit to Coastal Carolina. The Cougars have still dominated the Mountain West, and I expect that to continue this weekend.

Season Record (21-24)

Jake Gordon’s Locks

Florida vs. LSU (u68)

Florida could reach this on their own. However, LSU is in shambles and I’m not sure I trust them to hold up their end of the bargain.

Auburn at Mississippi State (u49.5)

I don’t like any spreads this week, but Bo Nix is allergic to success on the road. I think this one stays under.

Houston at Memphis (o63)

Evergreen bet.

Season Record (31-14)

Turner Skehan’s Locks

Last week’s victory, while nice, brought me little joy. I could talk endlessly about how bad LSU is, and how inspired by his cowardice, not his *lacking* intellect, Chase reneged on every bet he was bold enough to make on his precious Tigers. However, it is fruitless. You came here for drinking money and so I shall comply. Onward.

Alabama vs. Arkansas (o68.5)

Alabama will display the dominance we’ve become so accustomed to seeing from them. However, with Florida and the postseason ahead, I doubt the starters play all game. Back-up defense in trash time=points. Should sneak over late.

Illinois vs Northwestern (o40.5) 

Wow. 40.5? Is this a pro game? I get it. Weather. Two bad offenses. This line has been hammered too low. I’m biting.

Oklahoma (-14) vs West Virginia

As much as I would love to bet against the Sooners, it doesn’t make money. After two early losses, Oklahoma has gained some much-needed maturity. These aren’t the Mountaineer offenses of the past. Doubt they can keep up.

Michigan State (+14.5) vs. Penn State

Ok, I doubted Penn State last week and lost. Time to double down. Winning two games of late hasn’t changed my diagnosis on PSU. Michigan State sucks, you say? Nice, Nostradamus. Not enough to lose to 14.5 points, however.

Tennessee (-16 )vs. Vanderbilt

I talk mess on UT one week and they backdoor me. The nerve of these clowns. If Pruitt wants to keep his job, check that: live to see the winter, he’d better beat Vandy. Handily. I expect they do. No, this isn’t a vote of confidence in UT. Vandy is dismal. Flatly. Dismal. After the loss of star wide receiver and transcendent talent, Mac Hereford, I can imagine it’s hard for Vandy to even take the field. Team morale — an all-time low. Despite this, I hope the Commodores can hold back their tears long enough to take the field and battle their in-state foe. Just don’t keep it within 16.

Georgia Southern (+9.5) vs Appalachian State

Have you gotten the memo? Fade App State. Don’t ask. Just do it.

Oklahoma State (-5) vs Baylor

Does someone know something I don’t? Cowboys cover 5. Take it to the bank.

Florida (-23) vs. LSU

If it weren’t for my laziness, I would’ve written out “LSU” as a sign of utter disrespect. Oooooh, I know. Badass. Florida has a lot hanging in the balance and LSU continues to bleed players. Now that they can’t go to a bowl game due to a self-imposed one-year bowl suspension *wink wink*, they have nothing to play for.

Auburn (-6.5) vs Mississippi State

Without an ugly 4th quarter performance, Auburn may have cashed +5.5 vs TAMU. However, as Pete Carroll knows, you can only win the game in the 4th quarter. That is also, as Pete Rose knows, the only time after which you can cash a ticket. Those who bet Auburn *cough* *Chase* *cough* may have had a rough weekend *cough….. you get the picture*. Expect Auburn to win and cover. MSU is battling with LSU for the bottom of the West and Auburn is trying to avoid its worst season in some time.

Ole Miss (+16) vs Texas A&M

I am not impressed by TAMU. Ole Miss can score. Stays within 16.


All season we’ve been trading alpha. Now it’s time to trade beta. 5U plays from here on out. Jeff Gundlach knows, when you’ve got your beta trade you don’t bet the house, you raise funds.

Season Record (16-13)


Blaine Irle’s Locks

Another week of college football and another chance to go up a couple more units. Crazy to me how far we have come. I am sad the season is coming to an end, but I am so ready to leave this year behind. But there is one thing from this year, besides me making money hand-over-fist, that I want to stay; and that one thing is the absolute madness, at least I would have called it that prior to this year, of two undefeated teams calling each other up in December and deciding to play in an ad hoc game to raise their chances of going to the CFP. I mean come on, how absolutely incredible of an idea is that? 

Yes, maybe it didn’t pan out quite so great for BYU or Coastal. Surely neither team will be making the playoff this year (make the playoff 16 teams cowards), but I love the precedent this could set. I think every team should reserve a week in December in their schedule so they can go out and do something that crazy. Imagine a one-loss Georgia team not making it to the SEC Championship Game, worried that they will end the season on the outside looking in. But, wait a second, they have this open week in their schedule. Why not call up 10-1 Notre Dame for an impromptu game in South Bend? Who says no? I sure don’t. Anyways, enough rambling. Back to making money, I love the board this week. I am guaranteeing* a perfect week.


UGA (-13.5) at Mizzou

Mizzou’s defense is piss poor and Georgia finally learned how to move the ball downfield with Daniels under center. The Tigers have had a few bright spots on offense this year, but it’s no match for a Georgia defense full of first-round talent that will be suffocating all day Saturday. I don’t expect this game to be particularly close.

CCU (-13.5) at Troy

Is there any doubt in anyone’s minds that the Chants are not only frisky but LEGIT? I guess there is still some doubt in some idiots’ minds because this line is too easy. Let’s ride with our cash cows for one more week.

SJSU (+1) vs. Nevada

I just really love the Spartan’s defense. This is a big game for them. With a trip to the Mountain West Championship game on the line, I don’t expect them to come out flat. I think these teams are evenly matched, but I see San Jose State coming out of here with a win.

Minnesota (+10.5) at Nebraska

Both of these teams are atrocious. I almost feel bad for including this pick, because you are going to be forced to watch an absolute stinker for three hours. The bright side is that you’ll make money doing it. I don’t see Nebraska winning another game by two scores. Row. The. Boat.

Wake ML (+105) at Louisville

Wake has pieced together some impressive football games this year. I also think Louisville is better than their record shows, but after the complete debacle of Satterfield’s interview with USC, I don’t see this team getting up to play for him.

UAB (-7) at Rice

I could say a lot of things about this game. How UAB is a damn good football team, ten-times better than Rice. How the public is way too high on Rice after their upset of Marshall (we all knew they were frauds). The thing is I know you don’t care, so just trust me on this one. This is free money.

CMU/Toledo Over 52.5

Maction overs. Need I say more? Same deal as my last pick, what I write about a 3 PM MAC matchup probably won’t sway you. So just trust me, this is also free money.

Army (-7) vs. Navy

Navy STINKS. I get this is a rivalry and all but come on! Only seven points? Show me the money baby.

MSU (+14.5) at Penn State

Penn State winning multiple games by more than 14 points? In this season? Yeah right, take the money and run on this one.

OSU/Baylor u49

A classic Big 12 matchup this Saturday with Oklahoma State and Baylor facing off. Should be a high-scoring shootout, right? Wrong. These defenses are good. Aranda hasn’t missed a beat in turning his team into the defensive show stopper they will ultimately be in a few years, and this is arguably the best defense of Gundy’s long tenure at Oklahoma State. This game is going way under.

BYU (-17.5) vs. San Diego State

BYU traveling across the country on short notice just to lose to my beloved Chants on the one-yard line of the last play of the game does not mean you get to start disrespecting Zach Wilson and the Cougs like this. Coastal’s defense proved to me just how good they are last week, but Brady Hoke’s Aztecs aren’t in the same stratosphere. Expect BYU to run up the score in a bounce-back game.

Auburn (-6.5) at Mississippi State

In typical Malzahn fashion, he will end the season doing what he does best — winning just enough to not get fired. Auburn is going to march into Starkville and roll a barely competent Mississippi State team. I have a fever, and the only cure is less cowbell.

Ok State, USC, Auburn ML parlay (+230)

Hehe, I really like this one. USC and UCLA are both hitting their strides at the right time. The game will be close, but the Trojans will get the win. OSU and Auburn will simply be the best team on their respective fields when they play this Saturday, it’s that simple.

Season Record (25-16)



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