Could the Falcons be JuJu Smith-Schuster’s next team?

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With Calvin Ridley set to sit out the entire 2022 season, the Falcons are in desperate need of playmakers if they’re to maximize Matt Ryan’s twilight years. Ridley’s suspension is indefinite, so there is a chance the suspension will carry over in 2023. This leaves the Falcons without a current or future answer to the void at wideout.

With free agency looming, there are a few options for the Falcons on the open market. This free agent class of wide receivers is headlined by Davante Adams and Allen Robinson, but there are mid-market options the Falcons will turn their attention to — namely, JuJu Smith-Schuster.

JuJu fits the mold of what the Falcons want in a slot receiver — tough, physical, and willing to do the dirty work. Given Arthur Smith’s tendency to rely on slot receivers to run block, someone like Smith-Schuster would be a significant upgrade over Russell Gage in that area. However, reports suggest he’ll be more expensive.

With the Falcons expected to be bargain shoppers in free agency, signing someone of Smith-Schuster’s caliber seems unlikely… or is it? According to BetOnline’s odds, the Falcons have the second-best chance of signing the former Steelers wideout.

It’s no coincidence the Titans’ odds are right next to the Falcons; both run similar offenses that could benefit greatly from a receiver of Smith-Schuster’s caliber. For the Falcons, though, this would be just one acquisition in an offseason that will undoubtedly feature multiple new faces in the receiver room. Atlanta is completely reshaping the position while the Titans are just fine-tuning their wideouts.



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