Cross Joc Pederson off the list of potential Braves targets

Braves Joc Pederson

With MLB free agency officially underway, the full list of qualifying offers has been released. Expectedly, Dansby Swanson was extended the offer by the Braves, but in a much more shocking move, the Giants extended a qualifying offer to Joc Pederson.

Pederson is coming off an All-Star campaign in which he mashed 23 homers for San Francisco. Still, he only produced 1.3 WAR, and most teams have been hesitant to hand Pederson a lucrative contract in the past. Not the Giants, though; the qualifying offer for this year is set at one-year, $19.65 million. That’s much more than the one-year, $6 million contract Pederson signed with the Giants last offseason.

With that occurring, that all but ends the hopes and dreams of Braves fans that wanted Joctober back in Atlanta. I was among them, and truthfully, I thought it was a possibility, but the Giants aren’t messing around. They saw the value in Pederson, something I wish the Braves would have realized last offseason. I don’t care what WAR says. WAR isn’t everything. It can’t measure what a man brings in the clubhouse, and it doesn’t take into account the postseason. The Braves sorely missed Joc Pederson this past season, and the Giants realized what Atlanta took for granted.


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