Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff Appear on Good Morning Football


Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff appeared together this morning on the NFL Network show, “Good Morning Football.” The hosts asked them all sorts of questions, asking about the team’s mottos, the new stadium, Kyle Shanahan, and how to overcome the Super Bowl loss. Quinn answered most of the questions, and talked about the “Embrace the Suck” motto for the 2017 season. He said the logo was meant for the long grind back and the team must embrace “the suck” in order to become great.

Celebrities such as 2 Chainz and Ric Flair were talked about, and they showed Ric Flair announcing his fanhood for the Falcons and that he is 100% on board. Here is the video below.

As you can see, Quinn and TD are absolutely loving it and have sold celebrities into this brotherhood.

The crew asked the two about the new stadium, and Dimitroff said, “The new stadium was built to be open and loud….I think it’s a free agent draw.” The duo said they were there earlier this week and envisioned how it will be when the first game is underway. The Falcons host the Green Bay Packers Week 2 to open up the new stadium, and the team should hopefully be ready to go to war then.

This is “another interview” by an NFL coach and GM, but they have really been great for the city of Atlanta. I will never move on from the Super Bowl loss, but I have gone on because the present and future of this team is brighter than ever. The amount of times the Super Bowl questions have been brought up to Quinn and Dimitroff is astounding, but it seems that they are hungrier than ever to get the 2017 season underway.

One last segment they played on teams of two. Obviously Quinn and Dimitroff were on a team and you can watch the two surprise the hosts on how well they did. Here is the video below.

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