Do the Falcons have the best alternate, throwback helmet?

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Last summer, the NFL announced that teams would be able to wear alternate helmets, which have been unveiled in recent weeks. Some organizations went back to iconic throwbacks, while others opted for brand new looks.

For the Falcons, the club announced the return of the red helmets that so many fans have been clamoring for since they last appeared in 2012. Atlanta included a date in the announcement, which represents the team’s Week 6 matchup with the 49ers in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Tommy Nobis and the ’60s Falcons didn’t win much when they donned the red helmets for the first time, and the present-day Falcons aren’t likely to win much, but they’ll look damn good doing so.

Many other teams have announced their alternate helmet, which has prompted people to rank the teams’ new looks. For the Win of USA Today recently did their rankings, and the Dirty Birds came in at #1.

The Falcons did a lot of losing in their throwback helmets, and that won’t change this year. But black and red is an otherwise undefeated combination.

Below are the helmets that have been released thus far and some of my thoughts.

Best of the best

The Patriots, Giants, and Cowboys are classic throwbacks that I think anyone can appreciate. They all represent different periods for each franchise, bringing back the nostalgia of 300-pound tight ends, fullbacks being a staple of offenses, and the iconic voices of Pat Summerall, John Madden, and Howard Cosell. Then, there are new-look helmets like the Bengals, which I love.

Worst of the worst

The Saints, Panthers, Bears, and Texans are horrendous, in my opinion. It seems every team just went with a black base color because they couldn’t figure anything else out, but it’s rather unoriginal and can definitely be improved.

Photographer: Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire

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