Does a trade for Jerami Grant make sense for the Hawks?

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As the trade deadline approaches, the rumors surrounding the Hawks continue to gain steam. Here are where things stand currently, according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

The Hawks being uninterested in taking on the contracts of Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons should not come as a shock. Adding both of those players would severely handcuff them financially for years to come. Plus, it’s a wonky fit with those two and Clint Capela.

I’m still on the side of the fence that believes John Collins will remain in Atlanta past the trade deadline, but at this point, it’s impossible to ignore the noise. He’s the Hawks most valuable trade chip; if Schlenk really wants to make a splash, it’s likely he will be included in the trade. But the primary focus of this piece is Jerami Grant, who the Hawks are reportedly very interested in.

Two offseasons ago, Grant signed a three-year contract with the Pistons that guaranteed him more than $60 million. At the time, he was viewed as a high-quality three-and-D player. However, in Detroit, he became the primary scoring option on an abysmal team. As a result, his shooting numbers have taken a considerable dip despite him scoring nearly ten points more per game. So what exactly would the Hawks be getting? Jake talked about trading for Jerami Grant earlier in the season:

It’s no surprise Grant decided to opt out of his current deal with the Nuggets. After the year he just had, he figures to make much more than that on the open market. Power Forward behind John Collins is still a sore spot for the Hawks, and Grant would be the perfect target. The 26-year old averaged 12/4 last year while shooting 48% from the field and 39% from three. He also plays fantastic defense, something else the Hawks are sorely missing, especially on the perimeter.

On more than one occasion, I have advocated for the Hawks to go out and get Jerami Grant. I understood why that didn’t happen this offseason, as Grant inked a 3-year, $60 million deal with the Pistons. He has been worth that and some. On top of being an upper-echelon defender who can hold down multiple positions, Grant has averaged over 20 points and almost five rebounds per game in 2021. He’s also shooting close to 33% from three. The only issue with Grant is likely going to be the money. The Hawks would have to trade a contract worth something close in value along with young assets and picks. This would make a deal tricky, but Grant would immediately improve the Hawks offensively and defensively.

My guess is somewhere in between. Grant has shown in Detroit that he can get his own bucket in a pinch, which is something the Hawks need more of when the play breaks down with Trae Young. However, his primary role in Atlanta would likely be as a three-and-D player. The Hawks need more long defensive players that can shoot the rock. Grant’s shooting numbers haven’t been all that great with the Pistons, but I imagine he will regain form in that area with better shot selection and wide open looks from an elite point guard.

When I first heard Grant connected to the Hawks, I was a bit concerned because I thought acquiring him meant moving on from John Collins. Perhaps that does happen, but after digging deeper, there’s no way the Hawks part ways with Collins for just Grant. Acquiring Grant should actually be quite doable. The Pistons are uncompetitive and should be looking for assets while also unloading the remainder of Grant’s contract. This is a rumor to keep an eye on as we move closer to the deadline.

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