Draft Profile: Leonard Floyd

The Falcons have a desperate need in the front seven on defense. They need more guys that can get after the passer. They were miserable in 2014, collecting only 22 sacks on the season, but were actually even worse in Dan Quinn’s first season recording only 19 total sacks as a team. Atlanta also needs to more athletic linebackers because lets just face Paul Warrilow isn’t cutting it.

Well, meet Leanord Floyd. Floyd is long versatile linebacker that can get after the passer and as well as play inside and cover receivers. At 6 feet 6 inches, he posted a 4.60 40-yard dash at the combine. He is a guy that could line up all over the field in Dan Quinn’s defense. On one play he might be sacking the quarterback and on the next 40 yards downfield guarding a wide receiver. His lanky frame may be worrisome to some, but he had no problem reeking havoc in the best league in college football. Over his career at Georgia (3 seasons), Floyd recorded 17 sacks and 26.5 tackles for loss. He was Second-Team All-SEC in 2015 and a Butkus Award Finalist.

I think Floyd is a perfect fit for LEO linebacker in Dan Quinn’s defense. He will get after the passer and give chase across the field to make plays. He is fast, rangy and wirey. He might need to put on some mass to become a real force in the NFL, but he has the physical tools that give him a really high ceiling. He may be taken before the Falcons select at #17, but if he is available, he could be just what the Falcons are looking for. 

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