Braves: Eddie Rosario used his lucky bat for Game 2 walk-off single

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When the Braves hero from Game 2 came up to the plate in the bottom half of the ninth with a chance to win the game, he knew exactly which bat to use. In an interview after the game, Eddie Rosario said he went to grab the bat that he hit for the cycle with in just five pitches.

“I went inside (the clubhouse), and I had the bat from the cycle saved to keep as a trophy,” Rosario said. “That bat does not fail.”

That’s pretty special, and it’s so baseball — a sport filled with peculiar superstitions.

What’s even more incredible is just how much success Rosario has had with the bat in such a short time. In his last five at-bats with this particular stick, he is 5-5 with a cycle and walk-off single. Making things even more ridiculous is that Rosario has all five of those hits on just six pitches. I’m sure that bat will go back in the clubhouse where it belongs; however, if Rosario happens to come up again with the game on the line, don’t be surprised to see his lucky hit-tool.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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