Even Though the Falcons Lost, They Still Found Ways To Win


Now I know the outcome of last night’s affair. The Falcons did end up losing to the Jets 30-22 on Friday night. But you can’t tell me that after that game, people are starting to see the new transition of a new team. Even though the Jets were without Geno Smith, the Falcons starting defense dominated when they were in. There were three main takeaways I had from last night’s affair.


Yes Atlanta fans, it looks like the team might finally be able to pressure and sack the quarterback this upcoming season. And it is weird to type because it feels like it has been decades since the team has had a legitimate pass-rush. But Adrian Clayborn, Tyson Jackson, Jonathan Babineaux, and Vic Beasley all seem to be finding ways to get in the backfield. Beasley might not have had a sack, but he was beating his man and coming close to hitting the quarterback several times. He also looked like a savvy veteran with a pass deflection when he knew he couldn’t hit the quarterback. It might be the preseason, but there is a lot to be excited about on the defensive line.

The Starting Offense is a Masterpiece

There is no other way to say it. Matt Ryan looked incredible once again, ending the game 4/5 for 75 yards and a touchdown. With Ryan playing that way, he makes other players around him so much better. Ryan hit fullback Collin Mooney with a perfect pass, and Mooney ran 60 yards before being taken down. What is also very noticeable is that Leonard Hankerson looks to be the number three receiver behind Jones and White, as he and Ryan seem to have had a connection throughout the preseason. It also is enchanting to see the offense move so dangerously because Julio Jones never had a catch and the Falcons were missing Roddy White. This offense still has yet to see Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman in action, so the offense will add even more weapons in its arsenal soon.

Why Risk Kicking to the Best Ever?

It does not matter how old he is, why would anyone risk kicking to Devin Hester? In the first half, the Jets kicked it away and Hester made a couple of great moves and cuts, running 59-yards before being tackled inside the Jets 5-yard line. There has been talk of Hester trying to fit into the new offense, but even if he does not, he still is the best weapon on kick/punt returns in the National Football League. He is entering his 10th season in the NFL, and he looks to add more kick return touchdowns to his record.

Other Notes

  • Paul Worrilow looks like the player that Falcons fans have wanted to see
  • It’s early, but was Jalen Collins the right player to take in the second round?
  • The backup quarterbacks are not impressive, especially T.J. Yates
  • Tyler Polumbus struggled mightily
  • James Stone was a steal that the Falcons picked up last season
  • Allen Bradford had one blunder, but other than that, he looks like he could be a great backup linebacker
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